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The National Immunobiological Company, Natsimbio, Russia’s leading vaccines’ producer, plans to invest 6 billion roubles (~$100 million) in the construction of a plant for the production of vaccines in the Russian city of Ufa.
Russia’s largest biotech firm Biocad has sent a package of documents for re-registration of the price of a number of vital medicines down by 50% to 91%.
Drug sales in Russia are steadily growing this year, according to latest data of the Russian Ministry of Health. For the 9 months of the current year drug sales in Russia grew by 13.7% on year-on-year basis to 3.3 billion packs in value terms.
At a special session of Russia’s National Advertising Forum-2017, titled “Those who must not be named: advertising of pharmaceutical products, prohibitions and opportunities,” the principles of inter-industry self-regulation in the field of medicine advertising were discussed.
Russia’s leading biotech firm Biocad has confirmed its plans for the building a new pharmaceutical plant in the Finnish city of Turku at the cost of 25 million euros ($29 million), according to the company.
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