Терапия урогенитальных расстройств в постменопаузе

... женщин с вагинальной атрофией является назначение препаратов эстриола (Овестин) в виде крема или вагинальных суппозиториев. T.V. Ovsyannikova 1 , I.A. Kulikov 2 1 Russian Peoples’ Friendship University 2 Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Therapy for urogenital disorders in postmenopausal women Data are presented on the stages of aging of the female reproductive system and the symptoms developing in these age periods. It is noted that the pathogenesis of development of urogenital disorders ...

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Амантадин при болезни Паркинсона современные возможности долговременной терапии

... том числе при проведении терапии острой декомпенсации БП. V.V. Poleshchuk , S.N. Illarioshkin , Scientific Center of Neurology, Federal State Budgetary Research Institute, Moscow Amantadine in parkinson’s disease: modern possibilities of long-term therapy The long-term therapy of Parkinson’s disease (PD) with dopaminergic drugs is naturally accompanied by the fluctuations in symptoms and dyskinesia, and these complications are an extremely important factor that adversely affects the quality of ...

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Современные тенденции лечения бактериального вагиноза

... bacteria with protection against antimicrobial agents, representing the specificity of the BV pathogenesis, which militates against the effectiveness of the treatment. The official guidelines recommend to use metronidazole and clindamycin as the first-line therapy for BV in Russia and abroad. However, the present-day concept of BV therapy provides for a comprehensive two-stage treatment with a wide range of combination drugs to eradicate BV-associated microorganisms. Due to the lack of a systemic effect,...

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Фармакотерапия хронических заболеваний вен. Между прошлым и будущим

... флеботропных препаратов. V.Y. Bogachev , MD, Prof., B.V. Boldin , MD, Prof., M.R. Kuznetsov , MD, Prof., State Budgetary Education Institution of Higher Professional Education Pirogov Russian Scientific and Research Medical University, Moscow Drug therapy of chronic vein diseases. Between the past and the future The article is devoted to chronic vein diseases (CVD), initial manifestations of the disease (С0s, С1s and С2s by СЕАР Classification), attention is focused on subjective complaints of ...

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