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The Russian government has surprisingly decided to make concessions to domestic and global drugmakers operating in the country through the extension of the time, required for the mandatory labeling of drugs.
The National Immunobiological Company, Natsimbio, Russia’s leading vaccines’ producer, plans to invest 6 billion roubles (~$100 million) in the construction of a plant for the production of vaccines in the Russian city of Ufa.
Russia’s largest biotech firm Biocad has sent a package of documents for re-registration of the price of a number of vital medicines down by 50% to 91%.
Drug sales in Russia are steadily growing this year, according to latest data of the Russian Ministry of Health. For the 9 months of the current year drug sales in Russia grew by 13.7% on year-on-year basis to 3.3 billion packs in value terms.
At a special session of Russia’s National Advertising Forum-2017, titled “Those who must not be named: advertising of pharmaceutical products, prohibitions and opportunities,” the principles of inter-industry self-regulation in the field of medicine advertising were discussed.
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