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Gubernskie Apteki finds its way to prevent sale of counterfeit medicines

Gubernskie Apteki, a state-owned pharmaceutical network, has worked out a multi-level system to rule out the sale of counterfeit medicines in the company's drugstores, Gubernskie Apteki Director General Vadim Yudin announced.

According to Yudin, the problem of counterfeit medicines is very acute for drugstores all over Russia. Official reports show that Russia is world's second on the amount of counterfeit medicines. Annual sales volume of counterfeit medicines is $200-300 million in our country. The General Prosecutor's Office has taken the problem under its special control, charging the Federal Healthcare Inspectorate, Ministry for Internal Affairs and prosecutors of federal entities to take measures to prevent import, production, wholesale and retail sale of counterfeit medicines and goods.

"Counterfeit medicines are a very serious problem for Russian pharmaceutical market. Our state-owned enterprise has worked out a multi-level system to keep this situation under control within our network," Vadim Yudin stated. "Apart from strict requirements we impose to our suppliers, our enterprise has got an inner scheme of protection, so no counterfeits have ever appeared in our drugstores."

"Our company works with big national distributors like Rosta, Protec, SIA-International, and Apteka-Holding. These are Russian companies that have a good reputation and direct supplies from the biggest foreign and national manufacturers of medicines. This position is inhered in Gubernskie Apteki too, as it guarantees the quality of the goods and protects from counterfeits," Yudin noted.

Yudin added that Gubernskie Apteki monitor the web site of Russian Healthcare Agency every day to get information about counterfeit consignments of medicines detected in Russia. "Our experts keep up with the latest updates and distribute them within our network. In this way all the drugstores of our network are aware of the situation. There has been no incident with counterfeit medicines in Gubernskie Apteki drugstores," Yudin explained.

He stressed that customers should avoid purchasing medicines at unusual low prices or in doubtful drugstores. "I would recommend the regional residents to buy medicines in big pharmaceutical networks. Pay attention to the price. Every medicine has its average market price. A price that is many times lower gives a reason to think about the quality. Do not rely upon your intuition. As a rule, it is virtually impossible to distinguish a counterfeit by its appearance," the director general said.


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