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Scrip Pharmaceuticals, 13.02.07, Russia’s retail pharma market grows by 30% in 2006

The pharmacy sector of Russian pharmaceutical market grew by 29% to $6.6 billion, but the number of packs sold increased by only 3% to 3.7 billion packs, says RMBC, the Moscow-based market research company. The calculations exclude supplies under the restricted reimbursement programme (Scrip No 3001, p 3).

Foreign manufacturers continue to prevail on the market, and their share in pharmacy sales increased by 0.9 percentage points to 77.2%.

RMBC said that the average retail price of a pack of medicines increased by 26% to $1.8 and per capita consumption rose by 30% to $46.2. The shares of prescription and OTC products in sales were very close to each other by value _ 54% and 46% respectively.

Generic drugs accounted for more than 70% of total sales and average prices were $2.2 and $1.0 per pack of prescription and OTC products.

However, the growth rate of sales of generics was lower that that of innovative medicines _ 26% and 34% respectively. The average price of a pack of innovative prescription drug increased by 11% to $12.5, and that of an innovative OTC product was $5.5 (+13%).

There were no changes in top six companies _ Novartis was ranked first, with a 6.2% share in pharmacy sales, followed by Sanofi-Aventis (4.9%), Servier/Egis (4.6%), Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Group (3.7%), Pfizer (3.1%) and Gedeon Richter (2.8%).

In contrast, the RMBC’s rating of top selling medicines has changed in comparison with 2005 _ the domestic anti-viral product Arbidol raised from the sixth position to the first, with a 1.1% sales share. It was followed by Pfizer’s Viagra (sildenafil citrate) and traditional Russia’s favourites, such as Essentialle, a combination of phospholipids, Actovegin, an extract of calf blood, and Mesim Forte, a mixture of pancreatic enzymes.

In terms of therapeutic categories, anti-infectives led the RMBC’s list, with a 6.1% share in pharmacy sales, followed by analgesics (5.8%) and pharmaceuticals modulating immune response (4.3%).

Source:  Scrip Pharmaceuticals

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