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Novaya Apteka drugstore supermarkets chain reviewed the outcomes of the year

The Board of Directors of Farmatsiya discussed the outcomes of the financial and economic activity of Novaya Apteka (New Drugstore) drugstore supermarkets chain in 2006. The goods turnover of the company exceeded 500 mln. rubles. The goods turnover growth made up over 70% as compared to 2005.

Novaya Apteka began intensive development in Leningrad region and North-West federal district of the Russian Federation. The first regional establishment of the chain, a supermarket of the same name with the area of 1147 square meters, 700 shop square meters taken up by the shop floor, was opened in Kirishi town in August.

Sites for construction of drugstore supermarkets in Vyborg, Velikiy Novgorod and Pskov were designated. Negotiations on preparation of the base for development of Novaya Apteka in other cities of North-West federal district of the Russian Federation and major cities of the central part of Russia are in progress.

Farmatsiya belongs to Fenics-grup Holding company. Other enterprises of the group are intensively engaged in realization of the project of expansion of Novaya Apteka chain. Thus, the shop equipment is supplied by Fenics-mebel, a company that specializes in manufacture of shop equipment and cabinet furniture for business enterprises. Koshkin Dom (Cat’s House) fast food chain opens their cafes under the same roof with Novaya Apteka.

Evgeny Bogdanov, Vice-president, Fenics-grup Holding company, Financial Director, Farmatsiya, told about the plans for the next year and more distant prospects: “In 2007 – 2008 we plan active development in cities of North-West and Central federal districts of the Russian Federation. For that universal multi-product shopping centres with the area of 5000-8000 square meters will be designed and constructed. The shopping centres will be anchored by a Novaya Apteka drugstore supermarket that will be encircled with companies rendering services of realization of products of routine demand, foodstuff and a wide range of medical and health-improving services”.


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