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Moscow's First Early Learning Centre Opens its Doors

MOSCOW (RNWire) - Pharmacy Chain 36.6 [MICEX: RU14APTK1007; RTS: APTK] announces the opening of the first Early Learning Centre (ELC) in Moscow. The store is located at 24, Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Pharmacy Chain 36.6 and the UK-based Early Learning Centre (ELC) have signed an exclusive agreement for developing a chain of partnership stores in Russia. ELC stores offer toys focused on learning and developing for children up to ten years of age. By the end of 2006 another two ELC stores will open in Moscow, with one in the Evropeisky Shopping Centre and the other in the Mega-Khimki Family Shopping and Entertainment Centre. Starting in 2007, ELC products for children up to two years of age will be on sale in 36.6 pharmacies throughout Moscow.

"ELC is above all else based on that humane concept of a ‘happy childhood’, of creating an atmosphere of fun and goodwill. This is a new format for the Russian market for children’s goods: you can come and play with your child right here in the store. We sell wonderful toys and at the same time provide the best price/quality ratio," says Tatiana Babina, General Director of the ELC project in Russia.

ELC toys are truly unique. In its business ELC makes use of an axiom that every parent knows: "children learn as they play." Designers and marketing specialists working at ELC create toys that promote the development of key skills and abilities in children. The company helps parents to discover their children’s talents to the utmost, while giving children the opportunity to dream, learn and develop with pleasure.

ELC represents a new modern concept in the sale of children’s goods in Russia that has already proved its merits in 15 countries worldwide. Staff of the first ELC store in Moscow went through first-hand training in the United Kingdom. ELC has been working with children’s goods for over 30 years now and is very careful to ensure that all its toys are of the highest quality, meet the most stringent safety standards and, most importantly, make the little ones happy.


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