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Vadim Yudin: Hospitals and drugstores of Krasnoyarsk Territory should work in closer cooperation

Hospitals and the pharmaceutical network of Krasnoyasrk Territory should work in closer cooperation. The decision was made at the meeting of regional drugstores directors and Legislative Assembly deputies held by Gubernskie Apteki Director-General Vadim Yudin.

Yudin said the reason to hold the meeting was the crisis on drug plans for beneficiaries in Krasnoyarsk Territory. "This issue is becoming one of the most acute both in Krasnoyarsk Region and across the country because the situation is complicated here," Yudin said.

Yudin added, "Authorities of all the levels were anxious about the problem. In particular, Deputy Yuri Shvytkin had been on a working visit to drugstores and feldsher and midwife stations in Krasnoyarsk Territory villages the day before," Yudin explained.

The reason of the crisis is lack of funding from the federation. The limit for free drug plans is $30 m, while at present the region has provided drugs worth $48 m to beneficiaries at present. The bills for drug plans, only $20 in sum, have been paid from the federal budget so far. Scarcity of funds is about $28 m.


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