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New state fund for buying most expensive and rare drugs to be established in Russia

A special state fund, the reserves of which will be used for the purchase of the most expensive and rare drugs, will soon be established in Russia, according to a recent initiative put forward by the members of the Russian Council of Federation, the upper house of the Russian Parliament, reports The Pharma Letter’s local correspondent.

In accordance with the proposal, the allocated funds will be used for the purchase of drugs which are not sold in Russia (due to lack of a license), as well as for those which do not have domestic analogues.

The new initiative will also mean that drugs will be mostly purchased for those patients who have will a prescription for them from a medical consultation. At present such drugs are bought by Russians independently or with the help of charitable funds.

The new fund will be established through the adoption of amendments to the existing federal laws No. 61 "On circulation of drugs in Russia" as well as the Federal Law No. 323 "On the fundamentals of protecting citizens' health in the Russian Federation."

According to Vladimir Krugly, a member of the Russian Council of Federation and one of the initiators of the new initiative, the government will prepare a list of drugs that will be purchased under the existing initiative. Mr Krugly also said that the government will buy only unregistered drugs which do not have effective licensed analogues.

The Council of Federation believes that the proposed measure will not hit the country's budget, as the volume of investments in its implementation will be significantly lower than the amount of funds which are spent on the implementation of “Seven Nosologies " program (and which involves state purchases of drugs for seven kinds of rare diseases). Last year the value of investments allocated for “Seven Nosologies “program reached about 43 billion roubles ($767 million).


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