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"Gubernskie Apteki" to collaborate with pharmaceutical manufacturers from China

State enterprise "Gubernskie Apteki" took part in the first international exhibition fair of scientific and technological achievements that was held in Harbin, as IA REGNUM-KNEWS was informed by the press-service of the enterprise.

The fair was one of the biggest events of The Russian Year in China. The main aspect of the fair was highlighting collaboration between Russia and China in various aspects of economy. The fair was held in Harbin, sister town of Krasnoyarsk, which was one of the first cities in China to start developing serious economic and scientific and technological connections with Russia. Both long history of relations and borderline position of the city were important factors in the development of these connections.

Pharmaceutical production is currently one of the most intensively developing fields of Chinese economy. China does not only develop its own production but also agrees to house manufacturing enterprises of a number of foreign pharmaceutical companies.

It was this very field of Chinese economy that was of the most interest to specialists of "Gubernskie Apteki". Taking part in the fair allowed them to establish contacts with several Chinese manufacturers. Owning to this pharmaceutical network "Gubernskie Apteki" will be supplied with unique preparations used in Chinese medicine. Produced from rare natural materials according to instructions of ancient Chinese medicine men these preparations that are extremely popular in America and Europe will now be available to citizens of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk territory.

Harbin exhibition fair truly earned its proclaimed international status. Among its participants were representatives of Russia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and other European countries. Chinese side was represented by delegations of Chinese cities and provinces. The main objective of this fair was to extend international exchange and collaboration in the spheres of science and technology.

On the whole, Chinese and Russian sides reached an agreement to continue collaborating in research of fundamental and applied sciences, to push introduction of new technologies to manufacturing and strengthen their cooperation by seeking mutual profit.


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