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First pharmaceutical museum opened in Krasnoyarsk Territory

<P>The first pharmaceutical museum opened in the center of Krasnoyarsk in Chemist's №1. Residents and guests of Krasnoyarsk will be able to see interior things, bottles for medicines and other pharmaceutical tools from drugstores, one century old, as State-Owned Enterprise "Gubernskie Apteki" reported. </P>
<P>The location was chosen for the new museum on purpose. Drugstore №1 is the oldest in the city, it is 110 years old in 2006. The chemist's is situated in the ancient estate. Moreover, it has never been closed since its opening. </P>
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<P>Its interior was totally restored by its 100th anniversary. One can see ancient furniture on the ground floor, and there are copies of old bottles for medicines on the shelves near new medicines. </P>
<P>The museum items tell not only about the past of d Drugstore №1 but about the entire history of pharmacy of Yenisei Province which became Krasnoyarsk Territory later. </P>
<P>The pharmaceutists of the chemist's note that after restoration tourists started visiting the drugstore more often. Moreover, Krasnoyarsk and regional residents began to bring pharmaceutical rarities kept at home. There are already several hundred exhibits in the museum now. </P>
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<P>The museum organizers suggest everyone participating in the museum enlargement. If you have got things worthy to become museum items – ancient drugstore utensils, recipes, medical equipment out of use, medical and pharmaceutical books, bring them to the museum, Gubernskie Apteki urges. </P>
Source:  Siberian News Online

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