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Second International Cold Chain Russia & CIS Summit

BioLogistic, one of the undoubted leaders in the sphere of transport of temperature-sensitive goods across Russia, acts as the primary partner and the prime sponsor of the Second International Cold Chain Russia & CIS Summit, which will be held in Moscow on 19-21 March 2013. This is the only event that focuses on the problems of temperature control in the transport of biomaterials and pharmaceuticals, and ways to overcome them.

Summit participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about the latest solutions and experiences of leading experts in the design and management of Cold Chain Logistics in Russia and abroad. Alexander Mushkin, General Director of BioLogistic, as one of the leading experts in this field, will speak to the delegates at a special session on March 21 at 10:40 am and present his report on Outsourcing in Cold Chain Management. It will cover the following topics:

 - Specialized outsourcer - Cold Chains Management Expert Center
- What are the logistics functions to outsource, and what to keep for one’s own concern?
 - The Russian cold chains market's myths and reality
- Outsourcing projects implemented by BioLogistic, outlooks for their development
- Innovative technologies in the management of cold chains

Choice of the topic within the concept of the Cold Chain formation is not random, because it is central to the essence of understanding the mission of the BioLogistic: to implement optimized end-to-end solutions for the healthcare market players in building and maintaining a Cold Chain from the manufacturer to the final consumer, with a view to improve life quality and life expectancy.

It is, indeed, difficult to overestimate the importance of creating a sustainable Cold Chain in Russia. According to the Federal Centre for Sanitary Inspection of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, "the Cold Chain is a critical component of the activities aimed at arranging immunologic prophylaxis of infectious diseases," because it is a condition sine qua non for the transport of vaccines in optimal temperature conditions. In recent years, the importance of a sustainable system of organizational and practical measures that ensures optimal thermal storage and transport of temperature-sensitive materials on their entire way from the manufacturer to the final user – that is the meaning of what is the Cold Chain – has become even more obvious. The global pharmaceutical market exceeded €650 billion benchmark as early as 2005, and over 10% of it was biopharmaceuticals that are very sensitive to the transport and storage conditions. As concerns the common medicines, about 40% of them require permanent keeping in special temperature conditions. If we do not pay enough attention to this aspect, the drugs become useless, and hundreds of millions of dollars are thrown away for nothing, and as a result it is the end user who suffers, and the credibility of the brand manufacturer is thus undermined.

That is why standard thermal logistics requirements, such as GMP and GDP, have long been developed all over the world. Now, with Russia's joining the World Trade Organization their observing will become an integral part of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical business, clinical and diagnostic practices, and related areas in Russia too.

These requirements are very strict and are based on an integrated approach to the organization and implementation of thermal logistics that makes a manufacturer of thermolabile products make great investments and exert additional organizational efforts to achieve the required temperature conditions during storage and transportation of its products. In other words, the manufacturer has to invest in the area of activity which is not its core business. Such an approach is not always reasonable. Very often, it is more beneficial to make a decision on involvement – within the framework of outsourcing – of an experienced carrier specialized in thermal logistics that means a specialized 3PL company, which offers ready-made solutions for manufacturers to ensure quality delivery of their products to the ultimate consumer.

BioLogistic with its expert level of competence in arranging the delivery of temperature-sensitive goods that has been gained during the last three years of business in various regions of Russia, offers a range of thermal logistics services in the Russian market.

Founded in 2009, the specialized medical logistics company BioLogistic provides a wide range of services for the transportation, packaging and storage of biological materials, pharmaceuticals and medical products, medical equipment and medical supplies.

strictly abides by the IATA, GCP (Good Clinical Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards.

Its highly qualified personnel ensure the delivery of goods by road, air and rail transport on the territory of Russia in five temperature ranges: -70°C; -20°C; +2+8°C; +18 +24°C; +35+37°C.

BioLogistic staff takes on not only the receipt, storage, consolidation/deconsolidation of goods in warehouses, completing laboratory kits, but also customs clearance and transport of biological materials from Russia abroad. Picking up and transport of biological materials to the central laboratories from research centers in the Russian Federation is carried out within 12-48 hours.

It should be noted that BioLogistic not only carefully monitors the temperature inside the container, but takes reasonable steps to maintain the necessary conditions in the rooms where the container with a cargo during its transport and storage is kept. Advanced technologies such as GPS-monitoring or on-line tracking of temperature are used.

A peculiarity of operation of a logistics company in Russia is the substantial geographical remoteness of delivery destinations and wide range of temperature conditions in different regions of the country, as at one and the same time the goods that are sent to, say, Sochi or Norilsk, must be stored and transported in radically different environments. And that all must be taken into account by employees of BioLogistic. It guarantees timely delivery of cargoes and observance of temperature conditions.

A special competitive advantage of the Company is the use of certified equipment only. BioLogistic conducts its regular and volunteer validation. Besides, the company has its own fleet of 80 vehicles of different capacity that are specially equipped for transporting temperature-sensitive goods.

All this provides the BioLogistic’s employees with invaluable experience in organizing thermal logistics in Russia in the capacity of one of the most reputable 3PL companies in Russia. Those forum members who will not miss the special session with the speech of BioLogistic’s CEO, Alexander Mushkin, at the summit on March 21 at 10:40, will be able to get acquainted with this experience and will learn more about the peculiarities of transport of temperature-sensitive goods in the current Russian conditions.

See you at the forum!

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