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Russian scientists can breed blood vessels

Russia is the first country in the world to have started the series production of a drug that can stimulate the growth of new blood vessels instead of deformed ones. The Russian Institute of Human Stem Cells has successfully carried out clinical trials proving that the drug was effective in 94% of medical cases.

Hospitals will start receiving neovasculgen, the wonderful new drug, within the next month, experts say. Patients suffering from peripheral arterial disease, including critical limb ischemia, will have a chance to be completely cured. At present, in the US and West Europe this disease is diagnosed with 27mln people and in Russia with 1.5mln. Only a little over 30% of patients with this diagnosis survive after 15 years and only 8% of those at the critical stage. Until recently, the only effective method of fighting this disease was surgery but it is useless in neglected cases. Neovasculgen is an effective alternative to surgery, Medical Director of the Institute of Human Stem Cells Roman Deyev has told The Voice of Russia.

“This drug is the first one of its kind, according to its mechanism of action which provides the growth of blood vessels in affected tissues. This is an important innovative breakthrough. This drug is the first one in the world medical practice which is officially permitted to be used for stimulating the growth of blood vessels in tissues which require it. In the past such patients were actually left without an effective treatment and now we will have quite a useful tool in our arsenals.”

The search for an effective non-surgical treatment of this disease has been continuing all over the world since the late 1980s. About 20 clinical trials have been carried out. Some of them were eliminated at different stages and the rest have not yet reached the final third phase during which the effectiveness of drugs and methods is either proved or disproved. Experts from the Institute of Human Stem Cells began to develop neovasculgen in 2001 and it took them 11 years to achieve success. “Our product has turned out to be the most optimal, - the director of the Institute says. - We spared no effort to become the leader.”

It is planned to manufacture 1,000 packages of neovasculgen before the end of the year and in the future to bring its production up to 40,000 packages a year. A course of neovasculgen treatment costs half as much as blood vessel prosthetic surgery. In addition, it has good prospects for fighting atherosclerosis, thrombosis and the ischemic heart disease. Developers of neovasculgen hope to launch the drug on the markets of CIS, the EU and the US in the near future.


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