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Clinical Trials of an Anti-HIV DNA-Vaccine Started

Several days ago Russian medics started clinical trials of a first Russian anti-HIV DNA-vaccine.
      The vaccine is tested on 21 volunteers, all of which are young and healthy people. Tests are performed according existing international standard, all participants have insurance and aware of possible risks, which always accompany tests of new drugs.
      First Russian anti-HIV DNA-vaccine, created in St. Petersburg, consists of a fragment of a virus’s genome, responsible for its proliferation in human cells. Preclinical trials on guinea pigs, mice and dogs showed that the vaccine is harmless and effective against components of HIV A subtype, common for our country.
      First stage of clinical trials, during which several groups of volunteers will get various doses of the drug, is aimed at showing that it promotes changes in T-cells of human organism. T-cells – T-killers and T-helpers – usually are the first cells to react on human immunodeficiency virus, when it enters an organism. Second stage will involve more volunteers, and the third will be the most massive with thousands of volunteers.
      Many countries work on such kind of vaccines; however, no candidate vaccines have ever shown good results.


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