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Eli Lilly and Company awards $1.3 million to FNIH to encourage collaboration between U.S. and Russia

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health will be the recipient of a $1.3 million grant from Eli Lilly and Company to launch a public-private partnership that will encourage collaboration between the United States and Russia in health-related research.

In partnership with the NIH Clinical Center and the John E. Fogarty International Center, FNIH will launch the U.S.-Russia Forum in Health Sciences, a venture designed to help the two countries work together to address shared health-related priorities. The forum will work to design and implement improvements in public health, strengthen activities related to disease control, treatment and prevention, develop clinical and translational research methods, improve manufacturing practices and regulatory science and support emerging technologies in the healthcare field.

"We are delighted to facilitate this significant collaboration between the U.S. and Russian biomedical and behavioral health research communities," said FNIH executive director and CEO Scott E. Campbell. "Communication and information sharing among scientific health entities are central to overcoming complexities and transforming medicine in new and creative ways by leveraging joint research, technology, data, and experiences."

The funding will also be used to create a scientific forum that will facilitate communication between the United States and Russian government agencies and universities. The forum, which will link entities such as the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and other partners involved in biomedical and behavioral research, will feature an annual symposium to help the two countries bridge the gap between research and practice, facilitate joint projects and maximize the public benefit of medical breakthroughs.

"The establishment of this collaborative initiative is founded on the belief that people from different corners of the pharmaceutical and healthcare world will overcome their differences and come together to meet the needs of patients," said Dr. Gail Cassell, vice president of scientific affairs and distinguished research scholar at Eli Lilly. "We are encouraged by the response and inspired by the commitment of our colleagues and are very optimistic about the possibilities for success."


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