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Clinical Trials Market In Russia - New Market Report Published

Russia is considered as one the fastest emerging pharma markets in the world. The demand for drugs and pharmaceuticals in the country has increased over the last few years. This has attracted many pharmaceutical companies from all over the world to come and invest in the sector. In line with this trend, the clinical trial industry in the country has also registered a positive growth over the past few years.

In 2009, the number of clinical trials conducted in the country reached around 577, an increase of 14% over 2006. These numbers are further expected to reach around 700 by 2012 end. The factors promoting this growth largely include high patient recruitment rate, increasing prevalence of diseases, high quality standards of clinical studies and low cost of clinical trials in comparison to American and European countries. The same factors are expected to drive the future industry growth.

The regulatory standard of the clinical trial industry in the country is quite high. The regulatory mandates to adopt GCP standards in the general industry practice and this has improved the quality level of clinical studies and results. Besides, safety issues are also taken care by the regulatory body, which involve patient safety, data safety and accuracy concerns. These measures have significantly strengthened the overall structure of the industry. Besides, these high patient safety standards have also increased the patient enrolment rate in the country in various therapies segments.

"Clinical Trials Market in Russia" provides a prudent analysis of the overall clinical trial industry potential. The report also covers various key clinical research companies and sponsors of clinical studies in the country. This will help our clients in understanding the overall market dynamics. The report will prove useful and work as an investment guide for those clients who are looking to invest in the Russian clinical trial industry or conduct their clinical trials in Russia.


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