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Russia govt to formulate health care reform concept soon

The Russian government will formulate a reform concept of the Russian health care system soon, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at an awarding ceremony of the medics, who were named the winners of the all-Russian contest “The Best Doctor of the Year” here on Monday.

“Certainly we are pondering over the improvement of the health care system,” he said. “I hope that we will formulate it soon and you will learn about it too,” Putin added, addressing the attending medics, among whom there were many war veterans of the Great Patriotic War and working military doctors.

Saying “the warmest words of gratitude to all medical workers,” Putin added, “I am glad to say that in the last few years the profession of doctor attracts again young people, graduates from medical higher educational establishments stay working more and more often in the profession they chose.”

“Currently the domestic medicine needs qualified specialists, who can handle the modern equipment for diagnostics and treatment,” he said. At our medical institutions “the high-tech equipment is broadly introduced, the methods and standards of treatment are upgraded. We are building up new centres of high medical technologies and prenatal centres, are making tangible investments in the treatment programs of cardiovascular, oncological diseases and are improving the medical aid to people injured in the road accidents,” Putin underlined. “And you know this no worse than me, there are some results, some positive good results,” said Putin, who is supervising personally the fulfilment of the topical Russian task to bring down the mortality rate and the accident rate on the Russian roads.

Pledging “to make investments also in the build-up of the medical ranks of primary importance in the health care system that we launched several years ago,” the premier called as the basic task, “so that all Russian citizens regardless their place of residence and the social status would be provided with the qualitative medical aid, including cutting-edge methods of preventive measures, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.” Putin believes that this task also envisages “so that Russian medics will work in good conditions and were able to handle the state-of-the-art technologies. Certainly, they should receive a worthy salary for their work.”

“Certainly we are pondering over the improvement of the health care system. I hope that we will formulate it soon and you will learn about it,” he remarked.


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