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Russian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook to 2014: Policy Environment, Market Structure, Competitive Landscape, Growth Opportunities

Russia's well educated and low cost workforce is one of the main attraction for investors all over the world. According to recent statistics, Russia's population (which is currently about 141m) is steadily declining at a rate of around 0.4%. Thus, the government is trying to remedy this through several immigration policies and federal programs such as stimulating birth rates and reducing mortality.

Russia has been one of the fastest growing emerging pharmaceutical markets in the world in recent years. The Russian healthcare industry is also experiencing robust growth which is primarily driven by several initiatives by the government such as improvement in primary care, efficient implementation of health insurance and an increase in healthcare financing.

Russia is an ideal branded generic market, as consumers are willing to pay higher prices for brands associated with quality. This is due to the fact that several domestic manufacturers operate plants that are not GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliant. As a result, foreign pharmaceutical companies have been effective at driving growth by promoting their brands over local products.

Russians are known to under spend on pharmaceutical products both in nominal and relative terms. In terms of public and out-of-pocket spending on pharmaceuticals, the Russian pharmaceutical market still lags behind the other emerging and developed countries. Out-of-pocket expenditure on pharmaceuticals accounts for the overwhelming majority of sales in Russia (which is much higher as compared to other OECD countries).

The Russian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook to 2014 provides comprehensive coverage of the Russian pharmaceutical market, market structure, pricing and regulation, and includes detailed epidemiological analyses of the common indications/risk factors. This report makes a wide-ranging assessment of the marketed product portfolio, R&D pipeline, market share, sales forecast and competitive landscape for the major players in Russia. Furthermore, the report highlights the key market and R&D trends that may influence treatment sales, with a thorough analysis of the competitive dynamics of leading brands and indications in Russia. This will enable the reader to identify growth trends, key drug classes and leading players through to 2014.

Key features of this report

  • Macroeconomic environment in Russia includes the demographic trends, economic landscape, disease burden and healthcare spending
  • Russian healthcare system involving the pharmaceutical spending, intellectual property regime, pricing and reimbursement, healthcare reforms, and recent development in the healthcare sector
  • Overview of the Russian pharmaceutical market covering comparative dynamics of emerging pharmaceutical market, key recent events, Russian OTC pharmaceutical market, therapeutic area analysis, leading product dynamics, generic drug market and the overall market forecast through 2014
  • Forecasts and analysis of the leading products in the Russian pharmaceutical market over the period 2008–14 spread across major indications and classes of treatments

Scope of this report

- Develop insights for the Russian pharmaceutical market, pricing & regulation, healthcare system and detailed epidemiological status of the common indications/risk factors in the country

- Quickly understand how recent events are affecting the performance of major products, and how their marketers are confronting competitive challenges in the Russian market

- Gain up-to-date competitive intelligence across a wide-range of marketed products, R&D pipeline, market share data, sales forecast and competitive landscape for the major players in the Russian pharmaceutical market

- Understand which indications have the greatest potential to provide franchise growth, and how pharmaceutical companies are attempting to exploit these opportunities in Russia

Key Market Issues

- Stringent drug pricing regulation in Russia might create an opportunity for local manufacturers: In August 2009, the Russian Ministry of health presented a draft guideline on optimizing the price regulation of essential and life-saving medicines in the country. According to the draft, companies have to register the prices of essential and vital medicines in Roubles (Russian currency) from January 01, 2011 and introduce a maximum trade mark-ups for both locally manufactured and imported drugs in Russia.

- Influvir and Pandeflu among two swine flu vaccines to receive Russian approval: In October 2009, Roszdravnadzor, Russia's federal service on surveillance in healthcare and social development approved two domestic H1N1 flu vaccines Influvir and Pandeflu under a fast-track procedure. The approval was solely based on the safety and tolerability of the vaccine with no major side-effects. Influvir is a live monovalent vaccine for intranasal administration, while Pandeflu is an inactivated adsorbed monovalent sub-unit vaccine for injection.

- Neuronascent's collaboration agreement with ChemRar will find new molecules in neurodegenerative diseases: In November 2009, Neuronascent (a US biotech company) and ChemRar (a Russian biotech start-up) signed a discovery agreement under which Neuronascent will screen ChemRar's certain pathway inhibitors using its technology for identifying neurogenic and neuroprotective drug candidates. Both the companies also decided to evaluate co-development opportunities for funding and future commercialization of their products.

Key findings from this report

- The Russian pharmaceutical market was valued at around $6bn in sales in 2008. Despite several changes in the DLO system (state restricted reimbursement program) which was introduced to promote increased utilization of domestically manufactured drugs, imported drugs accounted for substantial portion of sales in the Russian market.

- Economic growth and stability have increased the attractiveness of the Russian pharmaceutical market to foreign companies. More recently, Russia also became a favored destination for outsourcing of clinical trials.

- Drug suppliers in the Russian pharmaceutical market are mainly manufacturers of APIs. However many large pharmaceutical players also have a chemical manufacturing unit in this country. For example Merck & Co. has its own chemical division in Russia.

- Drugs representing cardiovascular and alimentary canal & metabolic disorders held dominant position in Russian pharmaceutical market (with as many as six products in the top 10). However, the top 10 brands contributed only 7.3% in terms of market share in 2008, with 'others' accounting for a substantial share of 92.7%.

- Nycomed's Actovegin (a cerebral and peripheral vasotherapeutic agent) and Pharmstandard's Arbidol (one of the leading OTC drug for influenza) led the Russian pharmaceutical market in 2008.

Key questions answered

- What will be the major growth indications and the accompanying growth drivers in the Russian pharmaceutical industry over the next 5 years?

- Which were the leading players in the Russian pharmaceutical market (both multinational and domestic) in 2008?

- How have recent launches from companies such as Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, Servier, Bayer, Pharmstandard and Gedeon Richter performed in the market place?

- Which products will be the future growth drivers for the Russian pharmaceutical market?

- Which therapeutic categories are forecast to have the highest levels of commercial potential over the period 2008–14?

Companies mentioned

Bayer , Gedeon Richter , Novartis , Pharmstandard , Sanofi-Aventis , Servier


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