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Oriola-KD Corporation completes its Russian acquisition

Oriola-KD Corporation has  acquired the remaining 25 per cent of the shares
in Foreti Oy, which owns the Moscow-based pharmaceutical retail company OOO
Vitim and the pharmaceutical wholesale company OOO Moron. After the acquisition
Oriola-KD owns 100 per cent of its Russian subsidiaries.

Oriola-KD acquired 75 per cent of the Russian companies in    April 2008. The
acquisition price for the remaining 25 per cent is EUR 65.0 million (USD 95.0
million). The total purchase price paid for the Russian companies is EUR 153.7
million (USD 226.0 million) in cash. In addition Oriola-KD has provided the
Russian companies with long-term financing amounting to approximately EUR 65
million (USD 95 million).

In 2009 the net sales of Russian pharmaceutical retail and wholesale operations
were EUR 480.7 million (2008 pro forma EUR 414.9 million) and operating profit
was EUR 44.5 million (2008 pro forma EUR 7.4 million). The Russian companies had
3023 (3482) employees at the end of 2009.

"Our partnership during the last two years with the founders of the Russian
companies has contributed very positively to the success of the businesses.
Sizeable investments and joint efforts to improve operations have enabled the
growth and the increased efficiency", said Eero Hautaniemi, President and CEO,
Oriola-KD Corporation.


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