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Ukrainian health system should be effective

President Victor Yushchenko took part in a meeting of the National Council on Healthcare.

Opening the meeting the President stressed that care about citizens’ health and ensuring healthcare workers had decent working and living conditions should be a constant priority of the state policy in Ukraine. "Ukrainian health system should be effective", said Victor Yushchenko.

The President stressed that the purpose of today's enlarged meeting of the National Council is the analyzing healthcare and, more importantly, identifying ways to reform the sector. He reminded that main targets for such reforms should be protection of motherhood and childhood, development of family medicine, combating cardiovascular diseases and cancer, HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis, etc.

President Yushchenko expressed confidence that time demands qualitatively new health system based on positive experience of local medicine and best achievements of foreign states. He noted that currently patients are often not provided guaranteed health care in full (sometimes even emergency), certain categories of people are unable to buy essential and doctor-prescribed medication. Hospitals and clinics are unable to develop because of their financial capacity is limited by the budget. Higher medical schools often teach students using obsolete equipment and as the result those who give Hippocrates’s oath are unable to treat diseases with most efficiency.

The President also stressed the need for changes in pharmaceutical policies that are too liberal. "We are the only country in Europe, where people can buy most of the drugs that are in the pharmacy without prescription. This is used by pharmaceutical companies that often dictate their conditions of patients’ treatment", he said.


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