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Russian scientists develop new way to create skin

Bio-skin – a new alternative for the treatment of damaged skin – was recently introduced by a group of Russian scientists. The thin material could help heal and restore human skin and may prove to be a breakthrough.

Bio-skin is a completely new approach to treating damaged skin in Russia. No ointment or surgery is used. Instead, brand new layers of one’s own tissue are created using bio-skin.

Thin, virtually transparent sheets of the material are applied directly onto the wound where they later dissolve creating fresh live tissue.

“Bio-skin is based on an acid which our body produces to make our skin strong and flexible,” says Ramil Rakhmatulin of the Orenburg State University. “We managed to synthesize this acid and create a material similar to real human skin.”

Salima Davletova, who suffered severe burns on her hand after an accident at home, tried both traditional and alternative medicine to help her hand recover. She says that none of the treatment worked.

She almost lost hope until she found out about a new treatment being tested at the local university and decided to sign up for it.

“The pain went away after just five days of treatment,” Davletova says. “The wounds started to heal and now I have brand new skin on my hand – it's amazing.”

The technology was created by a group of scientists at a university in Central Russia. Experts say that it could be used to treat both light and severe burns, scars and even oncological illnesses.

There is a similar technology in the West. However, it is several times more expensive and requires bandaging – in itself a potentially painful procedure which causes additional damage in some cases.

“Bio-skin is finished, patented and is almost ready for production,” explained Olga Burlutskaya, head technologist at  the Orenburg State University. “We are waiting for a certificate from the health ministry to give the green light for mass production.”

When the unique technology gains approval, it could turn out to be a vital treatment in hospitals around the world.


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