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New pharmaceutical company set up in Belarus

A new research and pharmaceutical company Academpharm has been set up using premises of the Pharmacology and Biochemistry Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Director of the Institute Dmitry Romanovsky told BelTA.

Academpharm is expected to start manufacturing modern polyvitamin, vitamin and mineral complexes under the trademark Univit. Boasting competitive quality, the new products will be priced 1.5-2 times lower than foreign analogues.

The new company is supposed to reduce the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on importing vitamins and to offer Belarusian customers more choice along with earning extra profits for the state budget.

Virtually everything is ready to start manufacturing. The necessary equipment mainly made in Italy has been installed in manufacturing premises of around 5,000 square meters.

All the industrial equipment has been custom-made, said Dmitry Romanovsky. All the plants boast multiple functions and high performance and meet the necessary European standards. The pharmaceutical equipment is unique in the former USSR.

Academpharm plans to offer around 20 various vitamin titles for children, teenagers, women, men and the elderly.

The raw stock will be imported from well-known transnational corporations, which are headquartered in Switzerland and Germany. The cooperation will allow the Belarusian company to learn modern practices from foreign colleagues.

While the number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids has been known for ages, their combinations are unique for every producer, said Dmitry Romanovsky. With extensive experience in creating pharmaceutical solutions, Belarusian scientists will try to create and promote a solid national brand similar to Horizont, MAZ and Atlant. Belarusian vitamins can take a decent place on the home and foreign markets, believes Dmitry Romanovsky.

Along with vitamins Academpharm will manufacture athletic food - metabolic composites for accelerated restoration of sportsmen under intensive training programs, medications to relieve psychological and emotional stress, to accelerate muscular tissue growth, protect joints and so on.

The company expects the market to be quite potential as the number of sportsmen and people who go in for fitness sports constantly increases. In the ex-USSR there are only several companies, mainly in Russia, that manufacture athletic food. In the future Academpharm may manufacture around 50 athletic food titles using the best Belarusian and foreign formulas.


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