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Russian CRO Opens Business Development Division in the USA

On Septrember 10, 2009 Contract Research Organization Synergy Research Group (SynRG) announced company’s business development center of gravity move to the USA: new Director of Business Development will be located in North Kingstown, RI. According to company’s top management, this action will allow to attract potential sponsors – small and mid-sized American pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies, for whom issues of time reduction for new drug launch are essential in the current economic situation.

”Best-in-class companies don't view a downturn as a period in which to simply survive. They see opportunity in the uncertainty and navigate through the storm with investments in growth strategies that not only help them carry on, but also prepare them to move quickly once the economy recovers,” says David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan. “To catapult ahead of the competition, companies should continue to invest in growth strategy development and seek insights and guidance from trusted sources," adds Frigstad. "After all, if they don't, their competitors will."

By opening business development in the USA, SynRG follows exactly this approach. The company is positive that in the current situation Russia will be even more attractive in terms of clinical trials for American small and mid-sized sponsors. To this end SynRG does its best to utilize opportunity presented by the crisis – to make Russia one of the leaders in clinical trials marked worldwide.

“We have always emphasized that one of the strategic goals set by SynRG is enhancing of research and investment attractiveness of Russia for foreign sponsors, so business development in the USA is a natural step along this strategic line”, - says SynRG CEO Igor Stefanov. “We spent quite some time interviewing candidates and conversing with the finalists, and now I am happy to introduce our new Director of Business Development, Anna Ravdel”.

Anna Ravdel has graduated from the University of Manchester with an MBA degree, and worked as a marketing and sales director in various international companies. Prior to joining SynRG, Anna had worked as a Director of Business Development at Evidence Clinical and Pharmaceutical Research (Russia/USA) and at a global CRO Worldwide Clinical Trials.

“I have known SynRG for a long time by their quarterly magazine “Orange Book” summarizing information on clinical studies conducted in Russia. Deep knowledge of local specifics and regulatory requirements as well as a large number of medical institutions participating in clinical trials conducted by SynRG and a wide net of CRAs working in different cities allowed this company to quickly reach one of the leading positions in the Russian clinical trial market. I have no doubt in SynRG further success, and I will be happy to bring my experience and enthusiasm to the continuous advancement of the Synergy Research Group”, - says Anna Ravdel.

“We have conducted serious preliminary work in document flow optimization on the stage of RFP receipt and preparation of study proposal. This will allow us to substantially cut response time and receive competitive advantages in the future bids. We have already granted Anna access to our client database – and this is more than 300 prospects. However, our plans are going further – until the end of the year we are planning to open Ukrainian office and, probably, a virtual office in Prague, as more and more our clients are interested in our presence from Eastern European countries to Kazakhstan on a regional level.

Synergy Research Group (SynRG™) is a leading Russian Contract Research Organization successfully working on the territory of Russia and CIS countries since 2002. SynRG™ provides our clients with the board specter of clinical trial services for Russian and foreign pharmaceutical and biotech companies. SynRG™ also operates central drug and clinical trial materials depot in Moscow. Currently Synergy Research Group is represented in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Rostov-on-Don), and also in Kazakhstan (Almaty and Astana). Through its partners, SynRG also can conduct clinical studies in Ukraine, Belorussia, Eastern and Western Europe, India, Pakistan, and the USA. The company Headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia.


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