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Russia to start clinical tests of A/H1N1 flu vaccine in a week

Clinical tests of a Russian A/H1N1 flu vaccine will start a week from now, head of the World Health Organisation Flu Research Institute in St Petersburg, Oleg Kiselyov said.

"I will be the first volunteer to test the vaccine on next Monday, September 7," he said. "Institute staff members will take part in these tests, the same as they did in other clinical experiments."

 "Two types of the vaccine - live and inactivated - will be tested. The tests of the live vaccine will take 42 days, while the inactivated vaccine tests will last for 56 days. The inoculation will be double and involve 130 volunteers, including 60 inoculated with the live vaccine and 70 with the inactivated one," Kiselyov said.

"We do not doubt that the tests will be efficient," he said and added, "The new vaccines have improved protective characteristics."

Once the vaccine is approved by the Federal Health and Social Development Supervisory Agency and the State Standardisation Institute, the industrial production will begin this November, he said.

"The tests will comply with the universal algorithm," the institute's senior researcher Igor Nikanorov said. "As a rule, it takes a month to test a vaccine or a pharmaceutical preparation."

 At first, the volunteers will undergo a thorough medical examination, and doctors will register their biochemical parameters. A week after the inoculation with the new vaccine, the volunteers will be examined again in order to see the individual reaction to the injected antidote, Nikanorov said.


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