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Russian imports from non-CIS decline 42.2 percent to $74.6 billion in Jan-July

Russia imported $74.64 billion worth of goods from non-CIS countries in January-July 2009, down 42.2% from the first seven months of 2007, the Federal Customs Service (FCS) said in a statement.

Imports from the non-CIS were worth $12.1 billion in July, down 46% from July 2008. Imports grew 5%, or by $577.6 million, in July compared to June 2009.

Imports of machine building products plunged 58.8% in July 2009 compared to the same month of 2008, chemicals - 26.8%, textiles and shoes - 26.7% and foods - 20.2%.

Among food imports, purchases of grain fell 80.8%, vegetable oil and sugar - 50%, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages - 44.4%, meat and meat byproducts - 23.9%, dairy products - 21.8%, fish - 16.4% and vegetables - 2.5%. Imports of fruits grew 16.9% last month, while tobacco imports rose 10.7%.

The decline in chemical imports resulted from a 37.8% drop in purchases of polymers and rubber, soap and synthetic cleaning materials - 24.4%, perfume and cosmetics - 21%, organic and non-organic chemical products - 18.4% and pharmaceutical products - 18.2%.

Machine building imports fell due to a 79.2% decline in purchases of surface transport vehicles, optical instruments and equipment - 50%, mechanical equipment - 47.4% and electrical equipment - 44.4%.


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