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Russia's new vaccine from A(H1N1) flu to be tested in Aug

St Petersburg: Specialists plan to begin clinical testing of a new vaccine from the A(H1N1) flu by August 20, Oleg Kiselev, Head, National Flu Centre of the World health Organisation has said.

 "The schedule of work to create the vaccine from the highly pathogenic A(H1N1) flu virus has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development and has been complied strictly," Kiselev said on Monday.

"The first Russians from the at-risk group will be vaccinated from the new flu before October 1," he added.

Mass production of the vaccine will begin in November before a seasonal increase in the flu incidence rate in Russia.

Russia's Petrovax Group of Companies, has announced plans to make 12 doses of the vaccine from A(H1N1) flu to be called Grippol Neo-Mono in 2009.

"Pre-clinical and clinical tests will be completed in September 2009", it said, adding that 12 million doses of the new vaccine would be made in 2009.

The Grippol Neo-mono vaccine has been created using innovative cell technology.

Necessary biomaterials - vaccine strain candidates - have been handed over to leading research institutes and production centres through the World Health Organisation, he said.


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