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Flu A/H1N1 incidence peak passed, situation in RF under control

The peak of the flu A/H1N1 incidence rate has passed, the situation in Russia is being kept under constant control, First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov said on Wednesday.

“According to the statistical reports, the peak of the swine flu incidence rate has passed, including the countries, which were recognized swine flu-affected, only few new swine flu cases are reported now,” he said at the Moscow meeting of the committee for the prevention of bringing and spreading in Russia of diseases caused by the highly pathogenic flu virus (swine flu) on Wednesday.

According to the first deputy prime minister, two flu A/H1N1 cases were reported in the Russian cities of Moscow and Kaluga. “Both Russian citizens got infected with this flu virus in other countries, which are considered as swine flu-affected,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zubkov noted that the situation in the country is being kept under constant control, all necessary preventive measures are being taken. “No special measures are needed,” he believes.

According to Zubkov, “Thanks to urgent and effective measures of the supervising agencies and medics people are out of danger.” “This is the most important thing,” he said, noting the accurate work of regional staffs preventing the swine flu from spreading in Russia.

Zubkov has described the information support of the swine flu situation as well coordinated, but he stressed it is necessary “for Russian citizens to receive the reliable and objective information in the real time mode.”

The committee discussed the measures taken to cure two swine flu-infected Russian citizens, as well as preventive measures to avert the spread of this disease on the border and in regions, as well as the progress of creating an anti-flu vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Social Development will submit in the government shortly several proposals to finance the creation and production of an anti-swine flu vaccine.

“The corresponding proposals were made, the Ministry of Health and Social Development is doing such work, and I think that the proposals will be prepared soon,” Viktor Zubkov said after the meeting of the committee. The committee is making necessary calculations, how many resources will be needed for this purpose, Zubkov said, noting the current capacities of Russian pharmaceutical enterprises will be enough for the production of the necessary amount of the anti-flu vaccine.

According to Zubkov, the committee noted that a system of early warning measures for preventing the new flu virus penetrating in the country is effective. “Two swine flu cases, which were exposed in Russian citizens, who arrived from the United States and the Dominican Republic, showed that the system of measures works effectively,” he said.

All regional authorities adopted complex preventive plans, assigned medical specialists and provided proper medicines, the first deputy prime minister said. Additional beds were assigned in the hospitals, “but it was noted that it would be hardly needed, because the current situation is calm,” Zubkov said. He also emphasized that the current scope of measures allows keeping the situation under control, “and it should not get out of control anyway.”

Speaking on the cooperation with specialists from other countries, Zubkov said the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare and the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision are keeping in touch with their colleagues from other countries. “I think that it is enough as this sphere has its specifics and its questions. But the fact that we received quickly the flu virus strain from the United States and are already creating a vaccine shows that our contacts with other countries are quite effective,” Zubkov said.

Zubkov also noted that the Russian veterinary watchdog is taking preventive measures to avert swine flu cases in the cattle. This work is quite effective in all regions, and it is scheduled. “The situation should also be calm in this respect,” the first deputy prime minister said.

The number of the flu virus A/H1N1 cases reached about 13,000 people with the flu diagnosis confirmed in the laboratories as of May 27. The flu virus was registered in 46 countries with 92 lethal cases. Most swine flu cases were reported in the United States, Mexico and Canada.


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