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Russian Clinical Trials are on the Rise

Increasing investments from foreign players attracted by the high quality and cost efficient research is anticipated to drive the Russian clinical trials market over the coming years. 

Clinical trials market in Russia has seen rapid developments over the past few years. With this, the country has been successful in developing the right expertise and viable infrastructure, giving a boost to the number of clinical trials in the country, says our new report “Clinical Trials Market in Russia”.

The country enjoys the benefit of having highly skilled medical personnel at affordable rates as compared to the US and the UK. Also, the quality of research conducted in the country is superior. “The doctors are willing to undertake the clinical research study as a subsidiary source of income. Moreover, mandatory compliance via GCP guidelines ensure authenticity and accuracy of research in the country”, says a Sr. Analyst at RNCOS. With this, the Russian Clinical Trials Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 9% through 2012.

Our research reveals that pharmaceutical companies from 36 countries sponsored clinical trials in Russia during 2008. America conducted the maximum number of clinical trials, followed by Germany and the UK. The report, while giving the number of clinical trials conducted by various countries in Russia, highlights that the share of foreign sponsors’ clinical trials in the country dipped in 2008; however, the number of clinical trials reported an increase of around 2%. Besides this, we have also found that more than half of the foreign sponsors conducted clinical trials in Phase III during 2008, which is the crucial and the advanced stage of the development process.

Our report “Clinical Trials Market in Russia” contains the past and recent developments in the Russia’s clinical trials market in terms of market size by phases, type of study, therapy areas and in terms of market share by domestic vs. foreign players. The report also covers a thorough analysis of the key market trends that influence the growth of the market.

Besides, it includes emerging therapy areas, the growth in the number of global clinical trials, the regulatory stipulations critical to smooth clinical research in the country.


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