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Russian President endorses national security strategy until 2020

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree on strategy of national security of the Russian Federation until 2020, the Kremlin press service reported.

The decree is aimed at consolidating the efforts by federal executive bodies, government bodies in the Russian regions, and organizations and citizens in the sphere of national security.

The full Russian text of the strategy is published on the website of the Russian Security Council at the address

The preamble of the document notes that prerequisites have been formed to prevent threats to Russia's national security. Russia is on the way of becoming one of the leading powers in terms of technological progress, standards of living of the population and influence upon world processes.

"In the conditions of globalization of world development processes and international political and economic relations, which form new threats and risks to the development of the individual, the society and the state," Russia is adopting a new state policy in the field of national security, as a guarantee of safe national development.

According to the strategy, the main threat to Russia's national security is the policy pursued by certain leading states, which is aimed at attaining military superiority over Russia, in the first place in strategic nuclear forces.

"The threats to military security are the policy by a number of leading foreign states, aimed at attaining dominant superiority in the military sphere, in the first place in strategic nuclear forces, by developing high-precision, information and other high-tech means of warfare, strategic armaments with non-nuclear ordnance, the unilateral formation of the global missile defense system and militarization of outer space, which is capable of bringing about a new spiral of the arms race, as well as the development of nuclear, chemical and biological technologies, the production of weapons of mass destruction or their components and delivery vehicles," the document said.

"The negative influence on the condition of military security of Russia and its allies is exacerbated by the withdrawal from intentional accords in the fields of limitation and reduction of armaments, as well as by the actions aimed at unbalancing the systems of state and military control, missile warning, outer space monitoring, the functioning of strategic nuclear forces, the nuclear armaments storage facilities, nuclear power plants, and atomic and chemical industries and other potentially dangerous facilities," it said.

Russia's long-term national interests include "the development of democracy and civil society," and the efforts towards enhancing "the competitiveness of national economy."

One of the objectives is to make the Russian Federation "a world power, whose activity is aimed at maintaining strategic stability and mutually advantageous partnership in the conditions of a multi-polar world."

"An improvement of the standard of living of Russian citizens by guaranteeing personal safety; high welfare standards; economic growth, which is attained in the first place by developing the national innovation system and investments in human potential, science, technologies, education, health care and culture, developed by means of strengthening the role of the state and perfecting state-private partnership," the document said.


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