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Vitamin A to Cure Eye Diseases

Many diseases of human vision system lead to death of special photoreception cells, responsible for darkness and color vision. Retinoid derivatives are known to help patients with eye malfunctions; however, retinoids are almost non-soluble in water. Russian scientists claim they’ve solved the problem. 
Eye pathologies often result in partial eyesight loss and even in complete blindness. No effective therapy exist to date, however, retinoid-based pharmaceuticals can become one. Russian researchers developed a technique for producing water-soluble pharmaceuticals, based upon vitamin A aldehyde (retinal) and its isomers. 
New technology uses cheap raw materials, which allows it to be a common tool for prevention and treating severe ophthalmic diseases, as well as finding applications of other fields of medicine and molecular biology.
Vitamin A is among most important chemical compounds for human beings. Various forms and derivatives of this vitamin are key elements for light sense. The problem lies in delivery of retinoids to injured part of retina, because these compounds are poorly soluble in water.

Some foreign pharmaceuticals contain water-soluble forms of retinoids, but they also contain toxic components, which provide solubility of retinal in water, and are banned from use in Russian Federation. 
Russian researchers suggest a new molecular delivery system for retinal. The system is binary and consists of retinal derivative, bound to a non-toxic hydrophilic amino component, responsible for solubility of retinal in water. Such system easily gets to damaged retina and releases retinal molecule of certain configuration.


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