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Russia takes measures in connection with swine flu

Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Consumers Protection) takes adequate measures in connection with the outbreak of the swine flu in Mexico and the US.

“Appropriate directives were prepared for heads of executive bodies of subjects of Russian Federation, public health bodies and executives of Rospotrebnadzor administrations in subjects of the Russian Federation on the need for urgent readiness of all interested services, and public health offices in compliance with the plan of measures in case of developing a pre-pandemic situation in Russia, taking into account recommendations of the World Health Organisation,” says a report of the service received by Itar-Tass.

Rospotrebnadzor set up working groups to monitor the situation; Russian specialists are ready to render assistance to Mexican public health services in performing diagnostic research.

Russian chief veterinary inspector Nikolai Vlasov assured that “there are officials of Rosselkhoznadzor at every border medical point, and even potentially dangerous goods will not be permitted to Russia”.

The World Health Organisation announced a flare-up of the swine influenza in Mexico and the US a disease, provoking international anxiety. The Mexican government reported over 1,300 cases of the swine flu; 81 people died. Mexican President Felipe Calderon imposed “a special sanitary situation”.

All educational establishments in the country are closed till May 6. New York confirmed nine cases of the swine flu, while 66 people are checked for contracting the disease, reported head of the city public health department Thomas Frieden. Medics also confirmed two cases of the disease in the Kansas State.

It was earlier reported that another eight people contracted the disease in Texas and California.


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