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6th annual conference dedicated to the pharmaceutical markets in Russia and CIS

Pharmaceutical Sector in Russia and CIS
Taking and maintaining a leadership position in the pharmaceutical sector of CIS
Event Date: 17-18 Sep 2009
Location: Moscow, Russia 
Conference Focus 

The 6th annual conference dedicated to the pharmaceutical markets in Russia and CIS. Today, in times of the volatile economic environment the CIS pharmaceutical sector is vulnerable and unpredictable. It is very much dependent on the governmental regulations and world trends that is why companies are focusing attention on the further development and competitors’ actions while trying to find flexible and progressive paths for business development in order to outwit rivals and earn a bigger market share.

This year the conference focuses on aligning business strategy to current changes in legislation and other governmental initiatives. It is believed that revised health system will play a pivotal role in business development in countries of CIS. The conference will look into unparallel spectrum of the current issues that pharmaceutical players face such as health system modernisation, innovation medicine development, industry informatisation, IP protection, quality standards monitoring and partnership development. It will give an unprecedented opportunity to learn from market leaders how to survive in times of economic crisis, attract and retain talented workforce, create efficient marketing and branding strategies, invest into valuable technology and increase productivity.

It will give a platform for discussion between the major market players: large and medium size producers, distributors, associations, retail sector and governmental bodies

Key Topics

• Discover the CIS pharmaceutical market potential and future prospects
• Gain knowledge on government initiatives in health system and pharmaceutical industry development
• Share experience on business strategy development with domestic and international companies
• Hear about innovation medicine development plans from both: the governmental bodies’ and pharmaceutical producers’ perspectives
• Learn how to enter the innovative market niche and protect intellectual property


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