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Belarus 3rd largest CIS medicines producer

Belarus ranks third in terms of drugs production among the CIS states. The Russian Federation leads the rating, followed by Ukraine, said Deputy Health Minister Valery Shevchuk at the international symposium “Pharmaceutical markets of Post-Soviet countries. Common Problems – Joint Solutions,” BelTA has learnt.

Belarus operates a state-run network of drugstores encompassing over 2,500 drugstores of all kinds of ownership, with about 500 drugstores working in the countryside.

According to Valery Shevchuk, taking into consideration the proposals of domestic drug producers and with a view to improving provision of medicines and getting an equal access of Belarusian medicines to the Russian market, a pharmaceutical cooperation agreement was signed between the governments of Belarus and Russia. In H1 2009, the agreement is expected to come into force. Apart from that, the Belarusian Health Ministry adopted a list of medicines produced in Belarus and Russia that must be available in all drugstores.

The provision of medicines is closely related to quality issues, the Deputy Health Minister said. In Belarus all medicines have to pass a mandatory state control test before getting to drugstores. In 2008, 112,000 consignments of drugs were checked, of which only 65 were rejected. At the same time, in order to maintain a high-quality of domestically produced drugs and to expand exports, Belarusian pharmaceutical companies started to apply for a certificate of conformity with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). At present, only 6 out of 36 domestic pharmaceutical companies have obtained this certificate.

The international symposium “Pharmaceutical markets of Post-Soviet countries. Common Problems – Joint Solutions” is aimed to provide information to pharmaceutical companies operating in Belarus. During the forum, its participants will analyze the ways to improve the provision of drugs in the conditions of the global financial crisis, consider measures to optimize the system of drugs provision and touch upon other issues.


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