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Russian workers to get new health passports

The Russian authorities have announced the launch of new electronic ‘health passports’, which will be issued to those registered as living and working in Russia. The passports will begin being issued this year and will be given to citizens who have undergone a number of standard medical examinations, Olga Krivonos, Chief Executive of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development reported speaking at the Movement Against Cancer 2nd annual forum conducted last month. During medical check-ups special attention will be paid to at-risk laborers.

Electronic health passports contain summary information of online medical records used to view and document certain information about a patient’s health. It is designed to look like a medical history sheet which doctors will use to make notes to register regular check-ups data, as well as a patient’s blood type and health group.

 “It is an extremely useful document which will help to keep track of all examinations undergone by a citizen and register inoculations and specific allergic reactions. Unlike a medical history card which is stored at a particular health care facility, the health passport belongs to the patient and may be kept at home”, Tatiana Golikova, Minister of Public Health and Social Development pointed out speaking about a wide range of measures to improve effective use of this year’s budget. RIA News quoted the minister as saying that health passports will promote early detection of malignant diseases which may result in lowering the cost of treatment and increasing the chances for successful cure.

The health passport will cost 2,900 rubles and will be available in pharmacies and polyclinics. In the future, its cost is expected to go down. 

Source:  Russian workers to get new health passports

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