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Moscow Mayor: We Like Bulgarian Produce, Trust Pharmaceuticals, Love Resorts

The Moscow Mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, told the Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov that Bulgaria needed to significantly improve its exports to the Russian capital in order to improve the trade balance with the Russia.

Luzhkov and Parvanov held a meeting Friday morning as part of Parvanov's official visit to Russia.

The Moscow Mayor stated that there was serious interest in Bulgarian produce, medicaments and textiles.

"Bulgaria is paying too much for Russian energy sources. The balance could be greatly improved if Bulgarian business would expand on the Moscow market," Luzhkov is quoted as saying.

The Moscow Mayor stressed that Russian consumers trusted Bulgarian pharmaceutical products and proposed that Bulgaria takes advantage of the refrigerator ships belonging to a joined Russia-Greek company to import produce via the Black Sea.

Luzhkov expressed his confidence that there was great potential for Bulgaria's construction and tourist sectors, adding that Bulgaria had wonderful resorts and it would be better for Moscow residents to vacation in Bulgarian than in Turkey.

The Mayor also told Parvanov that his City Hall was supporting small and medium construction enterprises to fight the negative effects of the global financial crisis and invited Bulgarian construction entrepreneurs to invest in the Russian capital.

Luzhkov further spoke about his satisfaction with the "Kamchya" sanatorium that Russia built in Bulgaria and stated that Moscow planned to expand the building and purchase one more mineral bath sanatorium in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian President promised his support and explained that he had always favored the presence of Russian business in Bulgaria.


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