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Medical Academy Rector elected delegate to Local Council

Mikhail Paltsev, Rector of the Sechenov Medical Academy, has been elected a delegate to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Local Council, which is to meet on January 27 to elect a new Patriarch.

Moscow city will be also represented at the Council by clergyman Leonid Roldugin, and Hegumen Damaskin Orlovsky. A decision to this effect was made at Moscow's eparchial meeting conducted in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour by Metropolitan Yuvenaly. Elections were held by an open ballot in line with traditions established at such meetings under Alexius II. The delegates were elected by a majority of votes.

Metropolitan Yuvenaly pointed out that the most difficult thing had been to elect a delegate from the laymen due to a large number of Orthodox Christians in the city of Moscow.

Professor Paltsev, Dr. of Science (Medicine), is also the warden of the Church of the Archangel Michael at clinics on the Maiden Field.

"Noone ever heard about his (Paltsev's ) taking money from the church coffers. On the contrary, he participated most actively in the restoration of the church, decorated it and upkeeps it worthily," Metropolitan Yuvenaly said. He also pointed out that Paltsev "as a pro-active Christian renders help in medical treatment of those who apply to him".

Hegumen Damaskin Orlovsky is known for his activities in studying the destiny of people who suffered for the faith in the 20th century. "By his vocation and leanings Father Damaskin found the possibility and means to publish several books about the lives and great exploits of the newly canonized martyrs and confessors of Russia," Metropolitan Yuvenaly pointed out.

Archpresbyter Leonid Roldugin is a dean in Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration) District of Moscow and has been a member of the city Eparchial Council since 1992.

Thursday is the last day for the nomination of candidates to be sent to the Local Council. The elections of delegates have already been held in almost all the 157 bishoprics of the ROC all over the world.

An official at the commission for the preparation and holding of the Local Council has told Itar-Tass that, along with clergy, the Council will be attended by more than 150 laymen representing intellectuals, the business community, and even local authorities.


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