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CIS Health Ministers to Meet in Bishkek

The fourth meeting of the health minister of the Economic Corporation Organization (ECO) of Eurasia member states – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan will be held Bishkek on 3 to 4 June.

The ministers will discuss some issues arising from the Health Program of the Economic Corporation Organization of Eurasia and fight against infectious diseases including AIDS, cholera and avian flue. The ways of providing ECO citizens with up-to-date medical services, providing population with medicaments, educating skilled medical staff and recognition of the scientific diplomas and other problems will also be discussed during the meeting.

The Heath and Population project of ECO, and establishment of a regional fund to fight against AIDS and other infectious diseases are also on the agenda of the meeting of the health ministers.

Economic Corporation Organization (ECO) of Eurasia was founded in 2000. It aims to establish a free market, regional custom union and unified economic space. At present, ECO is implementing Social Development Program which aims to improve the life of population of ECO- which makes up 206mln.

Moreover, social, humanitarian and migration problems will also be discussed in the meeting.


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