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President-elect Medvedev calls for narrowing medical service gaps between regions

Russia’s president-elect, Dmitry Medvedev, has called for narrowing the gap between regions in terms of the availability and quality of medical services.

As he opened a conference in the Kremlin devoted to health service and social development issues on Wednesday, Medvedev said “there are a number of old-time problems, in particular, the gaps between regions.”

Medvedev has urged the government to take action to guarantee the patients’ rights, promote competition in the health service and upgrade medical infrastructures.

As he opened a conference in the Kremlin devoted to ways of developing the health service and social insurance, Medvedev said that “over the past few years certain steps (in the sphere of the health service) were made and pin-point solutions to some problems found.”

“Time is ripe for shifting to full-fledged systemic work. We must create an effective model of the health service and an effective model of insurance, guarantee the rights of patients, advance competition in the medical industry and develop the medical institutions proper,” Medvedev said.

“Three questions require analysis – the status of the doctor, the status of medical institutions, and the status of the patient,” he said. “If we manage to formulate what these three components will look like in years to come, we shall find the answer to the question what our health system will be like, too.”


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