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Putin hails setting up of high-tech clinics in Russia

President Vladimir Putin has returned to Moscow from the city of Penza, some 700 kilometers to the east of the Russian capital, after attending a conference on development of high-tech medical clinics in Russia.

As he summed up the conference procedures in Penza, Putin said the setting up of 15 high-tech clinics in this country was beyond any doubt a step in the right direction, as it meant modernization of the entire system of public health in this country.

He admitted, though, that this is just one segment of healthcare on a national scale, saying: “Quite naturally, this won’t solve all the modernization problems.”

Putin urged public health and social welfare officials to change over to new methods of financing this vital public service and to do it “with more economic efficiency.”

“The government has plans in this area and they will be clearly formulated,” he said. “. ”The principles on which this work should be based are clear, too.”

Putin set forth several tasks in the field of public health and its modernization.

“In the first place, we must shape up a unified system of high-tech medical assistance,” he indicated. “This assistance is provided in federal, regional and even municipal centers, and effective legislation allows us to use regional centers today.”

“Still, we have departmental medical institutions, too, and we must use their capability more broadly,” Putin said.

He called attention to a changeover to a different method of financing of medical institutions, under which all the monies would be allocated to them via a single channel.

“This is not so simple a task, given the fact that now they get monies from four channels,” Putin said. “All of them should be reviewed and combined so that we could see how much money the clinics get from which channel, how that money is used, what needs in high-tech medicine we really have, and how all of this can be pooled together.”

He believes that in the final run these measures will make the use of financial resources more efficacious and the quality of medical services will rise, too.

Putin touched upon the manufacturing of medical equipment in Russia.

“We must give special focus to what the products most needed on the market of medical services now,” he said. “It’s also important to make the products competitive not only on the international markets.”

One more problem he highlighted was the accessibility of information on where patients could one or another medical service.

“People should be fully aware of this so that they could make conscientious decisions on where they can get treatment, who they should contact, how they can get there, and what medical services are on offer,” Putin said.

“I do hope this amount of work will be done within the specified time brackets and with high quality, the way it has been done so far,” he said.


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