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Improvement of demographic situation is Russia’s main task

Prime Vinister  Viktor Zubkov emphasized that the improvement of the demographic situation is the main task of Russia’s all federal ministries in 2008. The goals set for 2008 are tough, and the most important goal is to improve the demographic situation, Zubkov declared at a meeting of the Cabinet on Thursday.

The Health and Social Development Ministry should achieve lower death rates caused by factors other than natural death. The other and no less important task of this ministry is to thwart a growing gap in incomes and lower the coefficient of income difference to 14. 9 percent, Zubkov said.

The Russian Energy Ministry should create conditions in 2008 for reducing Russia GDP energy-dependent sector to 72 percent against the level of 2000 and bring the share of innovational production in the structure of Russia’s exports to the level of eight percent. Besides, the Energy Ministry should overcome a tendency of a decline in the processing industry of the economy, Zubkov said.

As for the Transport Ministry, its task is to provide hard -surface roads to 310 settlements, which actually means that a new road connection to a settlement should be built every day, Zubkov said.


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