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Measures under national health project lead to higher birth rate

Measures taken under the national health project lead to a 8% rise in the birth rate and about 33% decline in the natural loss of people, First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday at a meeting of the council under the Russian presidential envoy in the North-Western Federal District that was devoted to some progress achieved under the national health project.

Medvedev called for taking advantage of some positive shifts in a comprehensive upgrading of the whole health care system. Successes attained under the national health project “are really tangible”, the first vice-premier said. Specifically, Russian medical institutions received 40,000 pieces of the diagnostic equipment and more than 13,000 ambulances. The maternity certificate program embraced over 90% of new mothers, medical services were compensated from 1.3 million women and over 300,000 children, 1.2 million newborns were diagnosed fro five inborn diseases.

“For the last two years more than 300,000 people received high-tech medical services covered from the federal budget. Three federal high-tech medical centres will be inaugurated in Penza, Astrakhan and Cheboksary in the next few months,” Medvedev said.


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