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First Medical Centre for Muslims Opens in Moscow

Today the first in Russia medical centre for Muslims is opening in Moscow. Here Muslims will be able to get medical care in accordance with all Islamic laws of the Sharia. First of all this will concern separate services for men and women. In this clinic men will be examined only by male doctors, and women – by female doctors.
      Clothing of the clinic staff will also meet the Sharia dress code norms: clothing must cover the entire body and only the doctors` hands may remain visible. Female doctors will wear a kerchief or hijab. All doctors of the clinic have experience of working with Muslims and can speak Russian, Arabian, and English.
      It has been decided that the clinic patients will be prescribed only alcohol-free medicine, so that the treatment could go without violating the Muslim laws. Finally, the clinic will have a halal lunchroom and a room for praying that will have a partition to separate men from women.
      The clinic representatives claim that if needed, the establishment is ready to provide with medical care not only Muslims but members of other religious confessions.
      Later it is planned to open such clinics in Kazan (the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan), Saratov, and Naberezhnye Chelny.


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