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Fradkov Doesn’t Conceal Reorganization Plans

When visiting Obninsk-town Friday, PM Mikhail Fradkov actually confirmed plans to reform the cabinet this fall. The reorganization is most probable for Mikhail Zurabov’s Health and Social Development Ministry.
During his tour to Obninsk, Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov made a few statements shedding light on the nearest destiny of the cabinet. Fradkov said, for instance, that Health and Social Development Ministry will be reorganized very soon.

The news about upheaval at Health and Social Development Ministry will hardly steal the show – this ministry is often lambasted for financial and organizational reasons. But the trend is interesting.

With forthcoming president’s elections, looking for the guilty is a matter of common practice in today’s Russia. The high-ranked sources with the government said they don’t expect the whole cabinet to check out this fall. The matter at stake is rather dismissal of certain ministers.

In addition to Health Minister Mikhail Zurabov, Economic Development Minister German Gref is also forecasted to be stripped of the office in the near term – President Putin has ranked Gref amid supporters of Russia’s former PM Mikhail Kasyanov already.


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