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Russia may authorize transplants of children’s organs 2007

An official permission allowing the transplants of children’s organs may be adopted in Russia by the end of this year. The Ministry of Health and Social Development is expected to have a relevant instruction ready within months, the director of the Bakulev Cardiovascular Surgery Research Center, Leo Bokeria, has told Itar-Tass.

No such permission has existed in Russia so far. The sole operations of this type allowed were parent-to-child transplants of kidneys and liver segments, Bokeria said.

“If the document is authorized by the end of the year, our little patient Linar, who now lives on the heart machine, because his own heart does not work, will have a chance to get a donor’s heart,” the medical authority said.

The six-year-old boy from Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan, just like hundreds of other children in Russia, needs a heart transplant surgery and specialists are looking forward to the day when they will be allowed to get down to work.

The cardiovascular surgery center has explained that organ transplants to children in Russia are allowed as such, but borrowing organs from dead children’s bodies was prohibited. In a situation like this the sole way out for seriously ill children and their parents is finding a chance to undergo treatment outside Russia, which is often impossible and seldom affordable.

The Health and Social Development Ministry is now to draft a relevant instruction by the end of October. The draft will then undergo scrutiny at the Justice Ministry. Moreover, special personnel will have to undergo additional training at the centers where such operations will be performed.

Currently select few medical institutions – the Transplantology Research Institute, the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital and the Surgery Research Center - have the equipment required.


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