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Akrikhin: loss in H1

Akrikhin, a Russian drug maker controlled by the Polish Polpharma, recorded a RUB 80.493m (?2.3m) net loss in the first half of 2007, as against a RUB 74.008m (?2.1m) net profit last year.

The company also recorded decreases in revenue, of 23% year on year to RUB 677.8m (?19.5m) in the analysed period, and gross profit, which went down to RUB 279.2m (?8m).

The company explained the decreases with a number of factors also negatively affecting the whole Russian pharmaceutical market, including the DLO scheme (a kind of drug reimbursement scheme functioning in Russia).

In particular, these factors regarded an increase in debt for firms taking part in the scheme and the risk connected with participating in it, the rising role of imports in the Russian pharma market, and frequent changes in legislation affecting the pharmaceutical sector, e.g. annual changes to the requirements for examining drug quality.

Nearly 70% of Akrikhin sales were realised through retail sales, 22% through a DLO system, while export sales constituted approx. 1% of the company’s sales.

Akrikhin is ranked as one of the five largest pharmaceutical companies among Russian firms. Polpharma holds a 80.36% stake in it directly through a pool of investors.


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