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Private Pharmaceutical Firms Won’t Benefit from Additional Medicaments

The aftereffect of scandals triggered by collapse of the program for additional medicament supply is that some state-run distributor will be set up to deal with the purchase of medicine. It emerged that the government’s Pharmaceutical Logistic Complex will probably acquire the monopoly rights for buying medicaments. But creation of such corporation will strip private pharmaceutical distributors of a sizeable portion of revenues.

In an effort to sort out problems of additional medicament provision, a national distributor of medicaments, Pharmaceutical Logistics Complex, will be probably set up to get medicaments directly from manufacturers for further sale. It will start by entering into vendor contracts with regional partners of the program – the distributors that have won regional tenders to join the program.

A regional distributor will accept medicaments from Pharmaceutical Logistics Complex and deliver them to the drugstores. The drugstores will release medicine to persons entitled to benefit from the program of additional medicament provision and monthly report to the regional distributor, which, in its turn, will forward the data on given medicaments to the Territorial Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance. The Fund will pay for provided medicaments to the regional distributor, which, in the next effort, will settle accounts with other parties involved in the program – drugstores and manufacturers.

The services of Pharmaceutical Logistics Complex will cost to manufacturers 2 percent of the worth of the purchased consignment. According to the masterminds of the concept, these procedures will save 4 billion rubles to the budget already next year.


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