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Kazakh and Russian scientists develop a new high-technology medicinal product

The board of directors of the National Innovation Fund has recommended to finance the production of a new high-technology medicinal product Rihlokain in Pavlodar.

The unique pain-relieving and antiarrhythmic medicine is a joint development of Kazakh and Russian scientists. Its patent has been included into the list of the mot significant patents of Russia.

One of the authors of this medicinal product is Kunnaz Murzagulova, vice president of Romat Pharmaceutical Company TOO, Doctor of Chemistry. Following the results of the clinical trials conducted in the healthcare facilities of Russia and Kazakhstan there were found out various spheres of its application. It is recommended for efficient treatment of ovarian and breast cancer. It has been proved Rihlokain beats all the competitive preparations by its therapeutic intervention causing almost instant anesthesia.

“The new medication is the result of the joint efforts of chemists, pharmacists, production engineers and ecologists of Russia and Kazakhstan,” director of biomedical problems institute (Moscow), academician of the Russian Science Academy Anatoly Panov said. The teamwork sped up the creation of the new unique drug.”


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