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Solagran Limited Announces Pricing For Ropren Outside Russia

Melbourne based Biotech Solagran Limited (ASX: SLA) today announced that arrangements were being put in place in St Petersburg to supply patients outside Russia with its liver disease drug Ropren, consistent with international regulatory guidelines.

Since the full results of the Ropren liver disease clinical trials were presented to an audience of 2,500 clinicians and researchers at an international gastroenterology conference in St Petersburg in May, and particularly since Ropren received final regulatory approval from the Russian Ministry of Health in July, Solagran and its manufacturing partner in St Petersburg have received a steady stream of enquiries regarding the availability of Ropren for patients with cirrhosis and other serious liver diseases living in the UK, Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Asia. There have also been many enquiries from doctors in the former Soviet Republics (CIS countries).

In response to these requests, Solagran's manufacturing partner has taken the decision to put in place the necessary administrative procedures to enable them to provide Ropren to patients outside Russia, consistent with the specific "compassionate use" and "personal supply" provisions that exist within the regulatory frameworks of each country.

Solagran has agreed to a price in the range 3,500 to 6,000 US Dollars per three month course, after independent confirmation that such a price would compare favourably with that of other therapies currently used to treat serious liver diseases.

Solagran also announced that the pricing of Ropren in Russia will be resolved with the Russian Ministry of Health in conjunction with the granting of its manufacturing licence. This is expected to occur at the latest in November.


Solagran is a biotechnology company with a portfolio of higly effective, low side effect, natural pharmaceuticals that it obtains from gree tree foliage. Its patented technology enables the extraction of the live elements of trees in a way that both preserves and amplifies their biological activity.


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