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STADA acquires Russian pharma group MAKIZ for approx. EUR 125 million

Today, on August 3, 2007, STADA acquired the Russian pharmaceuticals group MAKIZ via a contract on the purchase of respectively 100% of the shares in the companies ZAO MAKIZ-Pharma, ZAO Skopinpharm and ZAO Biodyne Pharmaceuticals, which was concluded by STADA’s Russian subsidiary Nizhpharm OAO, Nizhny Novgorod. The sellers are several private investor companies. The staggered purchase price, which partly depends on the results of fiscal year 2007, is expected to amount to a total of approx. EUR 125 million less net debt of the Group at closing, but will be EUR 135 million at maximum. The agreement will take effect subject to the contract implementation provisions.

In 2006, the MAKIZ Group was one of the fastest-growing suppliers in the Russian pharmaceutical market. With a growth rate of +95% in local currency or in Euro of +102% compared to the previous year, the Group achieved annual sales of a total of RUB 1,756.4 million or in EUR 51.5 million in 2006; after tax profits increased to RUB 241.9 million (+98% compared to the previous year) and in EUR 7.1 million (+104% compared to the previous year) according to IFRS audited report 2006. For 2007, a further slight sales growth of the MAKIZ Group is expected – despite current significant changes in the market and customer structure.

The product portfolio of the MAKIZ Group currently consists of over 50 products with off-patent active ingredients, approx. one half of which are positioned as generics and half as branded products. With a share of 95% prescription products, the focus of the portfolio is in the indication areas cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system, tuberculosis and urology. The Group has strong positions with products in both, government programs as well as in segments of the Russian pharmaceutical market, where patients have to pay themselves.

The MAKIZ Group currently has more than 600 employees, of these approx. one-third work in marketing and sales. The Group’s sales force covers all the important Russian centers with approx. 130 employees. The two production locations of the MAKIZ Group in Moscow and in the area of Ryazan produce the company’s own products in addition to external products in contract manufacturing. Over 40 projects are currently being followed in the product development of the MAKIZ Group; more than 30 products are currently in the approval process for the Russian market.

STADA considers Russia an important growth market and is already active there with the companies Nizhpharm, Nizhny Novgorod, and Hemofarm, Moscow, having achieved there sales of EUR 21.4 million in the first quarter of 2007. STADA is strengthening the Group’s activities in this market through the acquisition of the MAKIZ Group. At the same time, the STADA Group also gains access to further low-cost production units and development centers in this region. The MAKIZ Group shall be quickly integrated into the Group structures of STADA under the direction of the existing management after completion of the contract implementation provisions that are expected at the latest in the fourth quarter 2007. The company will continue to operate independently in the market.


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