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Veropharm's net unauditied profit under IFRS rose by 77.5% to $5.5 mil in IQ 2007

Veropharm's net unauditied profit under IFRS rose by 77.5% to $5.5 mil in IQ 2007 from $3.1 in the same period of the previous year, said in the company's announcement.

EBITDA rose by 31.2% to $7.1, EBITDA margin made 29.3%.
Sales volume rose by 22.5% to $24.1 mil.

Veropharm is one of Russian leading pharmaceutical manufactures. It produces above 180 pharmaceuticals, as well as medical plasters of more than 100 kinds. The Company's production facilities are situated in Belgorod, Voronezh and Pokrov (Vladimir Region).

Veropharm's net profit under IFRS increased 14.5% to $18.4 mil in 2006 from $16 mil y-o-y.

Veropharm's sales rose by 26.6% and made $100.5 mil in 2006, sales volume of the rady made products made $99 mil. The portfolio of the traditional Veropharm's drugs shows the tendency of decreasing the share in the sales - the reduce by the results of 2006 is from 19.2% to 16.7%.

Veropharm's gross profit rose by 27.9% to $60.1 mil, gross profit margin rose to 59.8% from 59.2%.

EBITDA rose by 20.3% and reached $28.9 mil. EBITDA margin decreased 1.5 percentage points to 28.7% from 30.2%

51% of Veropharm shares are held by Pharmacy Chain 36.6 ; 49% are floating securities. In April 2006, Pharmacy Chain 36.6 and Troika Dialog floated 49% of Veropharm shares worth $139.7 million.

Pharmacy Chain 36.6 was founded in July of 2002. It is one of the leading Russian producers and retailers of pharmaceutical preparations and drugs. It holds 51% of Veropharm OJSC.



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